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How a Strong Core Offers Protection of the Spine.

ExercisesPain Management
With beach weather only a few months away, some are again striving for desirable “6-pack abs” that show off toned muscles. But a 6-pack does more than just look good, since the strong core muscles…
5 min read

Are Scientists Closing in on a ‘Holy Grail’ for Neck & Back Pain?

TreatmentPain Management
Back and neck pain is reaching what some experts call epidemic proportions worldwide, but are scientists any closer to finding a “Holy Grail” of medicines for safe, long-term relief? “Quite possibly…
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Interventional Pain Management Specialist Dr. Kaliq Chang discusses spinal triggers and treatments of shoulder woes

Shoulder PainPain Management
When our shoulder hurts, we naturally assume we have a problem in, well, the shoulder. But in reality, shoulder pain often indicates a spine problem, according to Kaliq Chang, MD, of Atlantic Spine…